NexCon ROCKS! feature: Peso Movement

In this three-part series, we feature the bands behind the mindblowing music of the NexCon ROCKS! closing show for NexCon Manila.

First up is the supergroup PESO MOVEMENT. Comprised of main songwriter Japs Sergio (Rivermaya, Daydream Cycle), guitarist Francis Reyes (The Dawn), bassist Macky Macaventa (7 Foot Jr.), and drummer Kurt Floresca (Soapdish), the group’s brand of powerful "dirty rock" is sure to melt your face even before you could say, "Geronimo!"

And because NexCon is a celebration of science fiction and fantasy, we caught up with Japs and Francis to talk about their favorite genre films.


Japs Sergio:

  1. Labyrinth
    I’m sure I had no idea who David Bowie was back then, but Jim Henson!!!
  2. Neverending Story
    A magical book + a dragon that, for the longest time, I thought was a huge flying fluffy dog.
  3. Star Wars
    light sabers + robots + the sexiest princess even a toddler would have a hard-on.
  4. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Besides its technical brilliance, production, etc. A bunch of weed smoking hobbits who, in their own way, overpowered the strongest creatures on Middle Earth?!? David & Goliath extended version.
  5. Back to the Future
    Time traveling + hoverboard + Michael J. Fox!

Francis Reyes:

  1. Battlestar Galactica (1978)
    was a sci-fi nut as a kid (still am a kid lol). I thought the Cylons looked really cool
  2. The original Star Wars trilogy
    need not explain.
  3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    was never a fan of fantasy and medieval-ish stuff and was largely oblivious to Tolkien’s work. Saw the trailer for "The Lord of The Rings" and I remembered the Bakshi animated edition. Got intrigued, bought the books, and fell in love with it
  4. Pacific Rim
    Yeah, I know this movie got mixed reviews but all I wanted to see was giant robots and monsters battling it out. Growing up watching Voltes V, Mazinger Z et al, I always wished for a live action version of robot battles. Any giant robot will do.
  5. Blade Runner
    Ridley Scott foresaw a messy grimy future in contrast to the lighter fare that was coming out around the time. actually got bored the first time around, expecting lots of action. Then I saw the narration-less edition and i was forced to really pay attention. It’s poetry on celluloid as far as I’m concerned.

NexCon ROCKS! also features Stereodeal and Paranoid City, and happens on June 1, 2014 at 7pm. Venue is the MK Tan Hall of the Bayanihan Center. Tickets are P150 at the gate; NexCon Silver and Bronze ticketholders can pay an additional upgrade price of P100, while Gold ticketholders get in for free.

NexCon ROCKS! is powered by Lyric and brought to you by Radio Republic.

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NexCon Manila is the biggest science fiction and fantasy fan event in the country. The event runs from May 31 to June 1 at the Bayanihan Center (Pasig City).

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