NexCon Rocks! feature part 2: STEREODEAL

In this three-part series, we feature the bands behind the mindblowing music of the NexCon ROCKS! closing show for NexCon Manila.

Next band on NexCon ROCKS! is STEREODEAL. The band’s sound has been described as "music with both emotional resonance and dance-floor nihilism, then throw it into the chaos of the time vortex." The band is comprised of singer/guitarist Adrian Arcega, Dax Gonzaga (bass), Dax Balmeo (guitars and synths), and powerhouse drummer Marie de Guzman.

We cornered Adrian and Marie about their favorite genre film and TV shows. Here are their top five picks.



  • Star Wars – The lightsabers, the Force, and space dogfights did it for my young impressionable mind. "A New Hope" is my favorite movie of the lot. I also don’t hate on the Prequel Trilogy (remove any preconceptions about Vader and Episode I becomes more tragic, especially in light of Episode III).
  • Doctor Who – It’s got all the elements I love in genre entertainment: a sense of wonder, a tinge of danger, and TIME TRAVEL! Grew up watching the Fourth Doctor on TV, and it conditioned me to have a fondness for big blue boxes, and made me wary of tea kettles and dark corridors. And again: TIME TRAVEL!
  • Superman: The Movie – Superman showed me that I can be more, I can be better, and I can help others the way he did. He doesn’t even need to flex his Kryptonian muscles to show strength; strength of character is what he is.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey – A vision of the future amidst beautiful visuals choreographed to the most beautiful music. Also: that trippy light tunnel sequence.

    The funny thing about this movie is that, in a few years, it won’t be sci-fi anymore. In fact, some of the technology in the film is available now.

  • The X-Files – because…ALIENS! And Gillian Anderson.
  • special mention: Fringe.


  • Arrow – Because Stephen Amell. I like that the Arrow is very different from other super heroes because he does not need super powers to be one. Great actors/actresses. I just hope they give Olicity a chance.
  • Agents of SHIELD – At first, this series bored me to death until Ward started showing his interesting character. I also love how they connected the show to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Doctor Who – I only started to watch the first few episodes and I already got super interested in the show. I keep watching and I hope to finish the 100+ episodes before they start another season. I think it is really fantastic how they take the viewers to the past and future. People learn/get to review history and get to meet weird/creepy/funny characters on every episode.
  • Once Upon A Time – I love how they put a twist in each fairy tale they feature. Every episode is an adventure. Emma Swan is a character to look up to and I am totally hooked with Emma-Hook. Also, it is a TV show I can enjoy with my daughter especially that Elsa is coming to Season 4.
  • Under The Dome – People getting trapped in a dome made by aliens and people fighting for survival. I like the story plot. Plus it is Stephen King.

You can check them out at

NexCon ROCKS! also features Peso Movement and Paranoid City, and happens on June 1, 2014 at 7pm. Venue is the MK Tan Hall of the Bayanihan Center. Tickets are P150 at the gate; NexCon Silver and Bronze ticketholders can pay an additional upgrade price of P100, while Gold ticketholders get in for free.

NexCon ROCKS! is powered by Lyric and brought to you by Radio Republic.

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NexCon Manila is the biggest science fiction and fantasy fan event in the country. The event runs from May 31 to June 1 at the Bayanihan Center (Pasig City).

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