Nexcon Quest is an exciting, optional side quest that convention-goers can participate in. The activity is free and guarantees a prize at the end of the quest, but what the prize is will remain a mystery until the con-goer hands in their Quest Card.


Upon entering the venue and surrendering their event ticket, the con-goer will be offered a Con Quest Card. Should the con-goer accept the Quest Card, they can start their journey to redeem their prize.


The card consists of a five by five (5×5) grid with names listed in each box. The names correspond to one of the many sponsors, exhibitors, or activities of Nexcon. The Quest Card can be filled up by going to the indicated booth and performing a accomplishing a challenge there. The Quest Card will look like this:


The Quest Card can be solved multiple ways without having to visit every single booth on the card, but the prize the con-goer will receive will be based on how they solved it. Here are the possible solutions:

N - 13 spaces

N – 13 spaces

E - 17 spaces

E – 17 spaces

X - 9 spaces

X – 9 spaces













Once one of the above configuration is accomplished, the con-goer must then go to the Prize Redemption Booth to claim their prize. Prizes will be based on the configuration the chose. They will receive their prize and surrender their NexCon Quest Card.

Prizes will be given out while supplies last. Nexcon organizers reserve the right to substitute prizes when necessary or halt the activity when they see fit.

The Nexcon Con Quest Guidelines is the sole property of® and Cosplay Philippines®.

The guidelines cannot be copied and/or replicated and/or reproduced for any other event and/or contest without the consent and/or permission from its parent owners.


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