Cosplay Rumble

1. The NexCon Cosplay Rumble is open to all NexCon attendees holding an entry ticket.

2. We will accept any characters from: TV shows, movies, comic books, traditional literature, video and board games, manga, and anime. Original characters without any source (i.e. “random zombie”) will not be allowed to join.

3. Contestants can either be an Individual or a Team of up to 10 members. Teams will be judged as a single unit and will be given a team score

4. The contest will be on Sunday, April 3. Contestants may register online (click here) or during the event. Priority will be given to people who have registered online. Deadline for online registrations will be on Tuesday, March 29.

5. Onsite registration and Confirmation of online registration on April 3 must be done donning the full costume. Please provide the following documents for the registration team:

  • A fully accomplished registration form / waiver
  • A full color reference photo of the character you will be cosplaying

6. Optional items: we will also allow the following audio aids on your performance. These will only be accepted at the time of registration.

  • A printout introduction of your character, 2 sentences maximum.
  • back ground music in MP3 or CDA music formats, 2 minutes maximum.

7. Pre-judging shall commence right after registration. The panel of judges may inspect the contestant’s costume and/or may ask the contestant questions regarding their costume.

8. Registration and pre-judging is from 1:00PM up to 4:00PM.

9. All finalists have to be present at the auditorium backstage area by 6:00pm or risk disqualification.

10. All finalists have 2 minutes to present their character onstage. Finalists will be requested to remain on stage after their performance to answer any questions posted by the judges.

11. Ultimate Team-Up contestants of 3 or more members will be allowed up to 4 minutes to present their character onstage.

12: Finalists will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Costume Quality: 40%
  • Portrayal: 30%
  • Fidelity: 20%
  • Overall Appeal: 10%

13. Each finalist stands to win the following awards:

  • Hero of Heroes (highest point total – Protagonist; Solo) – Php5,000 worth of cash and prizes
  • Villain Most Vile (highest point total – Antagonist; Solo) – Php5,000 worth of cash and prizes
  • Ultimate Team-Up (highest point total – Group of 2 – 10 members) – Php10,000 worth of cash and prizes
  • Best of Show (best point total overall) – Php5,000 worth of cash and prizes PLUS a Secured Slot in Cyberzone Cosplay Cup at Cosplay Mania ’16

14. The Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Rules are subject to change and revisions without prior notice.

The Cosplay Guidelines is the sole property of

The guidelines cannot be copied and/or replicated and/or reproduced for any other event and/or contest without the consent and/or permission from its parent owners.


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